VPN – just like it should be!

IncognIt .Network

Decentralized P2P VPN network
on the basis of users’ routers.

IncognIt .Network
No more VPN corporations,
dictating their prices
and their rules

Software VPN clients don’t provide anymore the level of convenience, security and privacy they were initially designed for.
They cooperate with government bodies, handing over to them their users’ data, which, according to their own assurances, are not logged anywhere. They use old slow protocols that don’t support hardware encryption. They can’t work with all the devices and OS that a modern home contains.
Isn’t it time to find a new approach?

Hardware encryption,
highest possible speed,
no usual authorization system,
hard to identify and block

IncognIt .Network

Decentralized P2P
VPN network

"Router-server" is connected to "Exit node" via VPN tunnel through IpSec/Ikev2 protocol. With hardware VPN encryption this tunnel practically matches the user’s channel bandwidth.

When connected, the router "announces" in IncognIt.Network its country and bandwidth.

"Router-client" is connected to “router-server” in the country of the user’s choice, using the same VPN tunnel with IpSec/Ikev2 protocol.

Сompare yourself!

  • Disadvantages of existing VPN solutions

    - Low speed.
    - Problems of setting up while using more than 1 home network device.
    - Decrease of PC performance, especially on old PC.
    - Need to install different clients on every home network device and to worry about OS types and versions.
    - Limited number of connected home network devices.
    - Software VPN solutions not really providing 100% anonymity.
    - Use of unsafe old protocols.
    - High cost of preconfigured hardware solutions.
    - Hardware, using xWRT requiring high technical knowledge, and hard to set up.

  • Incognit .Network advantages

    - Hardware based.
    - No usual central authorization point.
    - Protocol with high encryption level.
    - High speed (due to hardware encryption acceleration).
    - "Few clicks" setup.
    - Unlimited number of connected devices.
    - Low power consumption.
    - Internal ("Tor" - similar) resources.
    - Additional services.
    - High level of anonymity.
    - Low cost of using VPN.

IncognIt. VPN - just like it should be!


Logical solution

- Hardware based on IncognIt VPN Routers.
- Opensource.

Speed and protection

- High encryption level with IPSec/IkeV2 protocol.
- Speed up to 500 Mbit/s.

Simple and convenient

- Easy set-up.
- Value-added services.


- Hard to identify and block.
- Blockchain ready.

VPN Router

- Open-source LEDE OS.
- Hardware encryption acceleration (up to 500 Mbps).
- "Few clicks" VPN setup.
- Middle market cost (for similar hardware configuration).
- High range of traditional routers features.
- Software can upgrade for future services.
- Ready for production.

See current release...

Several facts about VPN

  • VPN market and statistics

    - А quarter of adult Internet users around the world use VPN to ensure privacy and security online. 1/4 of 3.5 billion = 875 million.
    - Digital consumers own 3.2 connected devices.
    - The global VPN market is expected to reach at USD 106 billion by the end of 2022 with compound annual growth rate of 13%.

  • Top motivation of VPN users

    - To keep my anonymity while browsing - 31%.
    - To access better entertainment content - 30%.
    - To access restricted networks and sites in my country - 27%.
    - To access restricted sites at work - 26%.
    - To communicate with friends/family abroad - 25%.


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